Star Battle

Star Battle 1.31

Defend humanity from an alien attack


  • Mouse-based commands
  • Ability to choose the difficulty level
  • First person playing mode


  • A little monotonous


Star Battle lets you assume the role of a cadet aboard a spaceship in this action-packed PC game.

In Star Battle, you are in the service of the Defense Races, an alliance of human colonies that want to intercept and eliminate alien enemies. How? By preventing the hostile alien forces from reaching the core of the human's confederation.

Star Battle is a first person player game, meaning what you see from your computer screen is what your player is seeing in its entirety. You'll also note two laser weapons available to help you destroy meteors and other moving objects outside of your spaceship.

Star Battle is played with your mouse. The left button activates the laser, the right button lets you throw stones, and the center roller lets you approach or move further away from your targets.

Star Battle has five levels, each with different obstacles. You'll face situations like fighting on your own in space or having to attack at the front of an army line. Users can pick their own difficulty level: novice, experienced, professional or veteran.

Star Battle is an ideal game for those who enjoy war games. It can be tedious if you prefer non-stop action, but it all depends on the difficulty you choose and the level you're currently playing. Because Battle Star uses mouse controls, it's quite easy to play as well.

Star Battle is a fun game that lets you explore the stars as you defend humanity against alien attacks.

Star Battle


Star Battle 1.31

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